Four Things A Beginning Forex Trader Should Know

14 March 2016
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Currency trading can be an exciting aspect of investing, but if it is done without research and skill, it can become costly to your finances. If you are interested in trading foreign currencies, there are a few important things to keep in mind. The following are three of the most important.

Focus on a single currency pair

There are several currency pairs that can be bought and sold. For example, you can trade in United States dollars and Euros, or you can trade in Japanese Yen and Euros. These are only two examples, but whatever currency you decide to trade, you need to focus on a single currency pair. Successful professionals across the globe seldom trade in more than one pair, so you need to focus on doing the same.

Learn the fundamentals of your currency pair

After choosing the two currencies you want to trade, you need to learn everything that influences the movement of these currencies. There are several factors that influence currency prices in general, but there are also factors that may pertain to a particular currency more than another. A country that is dependent upon a particular export may experience greater price fluctuations in their currency when their exports increase or decrease suddenly due to changes in the economic or political climate.

Understand technical analysis

Most seasoned professionals who make money trading on the forex market do so with technical analysis of chart reading, but it would be a mistake to begin learning this type of approach without first learning the fundamentals. All successful technical analysts have a strong foundation in the fundamental factors that influence currency price movements. Once you have learned the basics, you can move forward with learning the technical interpretation of price movements from charts.

The best technical indicator to start with

Without question the most important indicator of currency price movements is the trend of pricing over time. Of course, anyone can see whether a currency is moving up or down over time, but the trick is in knowing what time frame is best to view this price movement. Too short of a time frame and the data is insufficient to help you, but too large a time frame may include data that is no longer relevant to today's economic conditions.

Forex trading can be a part of your investment portfolio when it is done properly. This means a focus on a currency pair with the proper research and development of trading skills. Without a methodical and patient approach to forex trading, your experience will become a gamble and not an investment. Contact a consultant, such as Winner's Edge Trading, for more help.